Maxity 2.0 – The Start of a Symbiotic Metaverse at the House of Lords

On the 27th of June, Charity NFT Marketplace Maxity was honoured to host a grand VIP event at the House of Lords in London to discuss the opportunities of blockchain technology for the charity sector. It was the first blockchain event held by Maxity and hosted by Baroness Uddin at the House of Lords. The event brought together Parliamentarians and charity founders to explore how non-profits can leverage an innovative new fundraising model to their advantage. Maxity also announced that it can now accept card payments in its second version of the platform, 2.0 and is pioneering a volunteer-to-earn model.  This is an exciting milestone for Maxity as it continues to build its Symbiotic Metaverse – a world where businesses and individuals can directly interact and transact without the involvement of a third party.

Maxity was delighted to be a partner at this prestigious event with notable dignitaries across sectors.

The launch of Maxity 2.0 highlighted the significance of a symbiotic Metaverse development and the potential global impact of blockchain technology on the charity sector.  Baroness Uddin, Chair of the APPG on Metaverse and Web 3.0, Member of the House of Lords said, “Maxity’s development, vision, and potential effect for charity organisations is a commendable ambition.”

Professor XiaoLan Fu from University of Oxford referred to technology and responsible innovation in the fight against grand challenges. She welcomed Maxity‘s firm commitment to social responsibility in support of causes related to worldwide health crisis, the global pandemic, addressing the needs of women and children, people without shelter, economic injustices, lack of access to basic and quality education as well as clean water.

The event was supported by industry leaders

Several notable people and distinguished guests participated, including Baroness Sandip Verma, Member of the House of Lords, Dr Lisa Cameron, Scottish National Party politician and member of the Parliament, Mr. Abbas Kazmi-Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Collegiate Capital, Mr. Assad Saifullah Khan, Zahra Saifullah Khan and Aly Saifullah Khan from the Saif Group and Mr. Vijay Goel-Founder and Chairman of Singhania and Co., and others.

At the event, Maxity announced its launch of the second version of the platform, 2.0 alongside a pioneering volunteer-to-earn model.

Professor Yu Xiong, Director of Maxity detailed the concept of Metaverse and Symbiotic Metaverse and explained how blockchain technology can be effectively used to create social and economic value for all citizens.

Justinas Kairys, Head of Development said, “Maxity is the most innovative blockchain application for social responsibility. Compared to other big platforms, Maxity prevents any automated activities like bot trading. To ensure decentralisation, Maxity stores NFT metadata on a distributed file system (IPFS), and the royalty fee mechanism is based on smart contracts and executed in a fully decentralised way”.

He explained the importance of promoting decentralisation and demonstrated the process of purchasing an NFT with a card. The option to buy an NFT without setting up a crypto wallet is now available on Maxity. He also explained the NFT gift aid model and referenced tax relief demand in the UK and USA.

Founders of Penny Appeal, Turbo Ghana, Jewins Women 2 Women, Dongguan Disabled People’s Association all highlighted their charitable work and welcomed the unique opportunity of Maxity platform in securing funding through the blockchain allowing them to continue to provide critical services.

Ruth Moji Obasa, CEO of Jewins Women 2 Women, spoke about how an NFT purchased on the Maxity platform can boost her organisation’s capacity to provide food as well as vocational training for women who are disadvantaged in Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria.  Also, Li Zikang, founder of Dong Guan Disabled People Association which supports children with cerebral palsy said, “with NFTs purchased from their collection on Maxity, 60 % of the donation will be used to help children and creating online rehabilitation training and the remaining 40% will be used for Yourturn app building purposes”.

“This is a critical time for charities to get involved in the NFT space. Maxity is unlike any other NFT marketplace because it focuses exclusively on charitable causes, and the creators, charities, are verified. This creates strong trust among buyers,” Natasha Ryan, Head of Partnerships at Maxity said.

Amjad Suleman, Vice President of U.K International Innovation Centre (UKIIC) and Senior Strategic Board Advisor for Maxity, discussed the value Maxity can potentially contribute to the development of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Metaverse and Web 3.0 in the future.


Maxity’s venture into Metaverse

Maxity is a charitable NFT Integrated Platform that enables individuals to contribute to charitable causes by enabling them to buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on its marketplace. It is the first charity marketplace of its kind, and is delighted to partner with leading charitable organisations, assisting them in realising the potential of NFTs. It is also the first charity marketplace taking an initiative to build an ecosystem and the Symbiotic Metaverse.

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